How to Boost Your Business for Free

One of the easiest and free-est things you can do to get business is claim your Google listing. It’s often overlooked, even by successful companies that have been around for awhile. Chances are Google has already created a listing for you. They’re sneaky like that. They’ll populate it with whatever info they can find. It might show a Google maps image of your house! But, you can fix that. You can add your logo, some nice professional photos, your business hours, website address, etc.

You can start by doing a Google search for your business, or for a business like yours in your area to see where you rank. It’s a good idea to see what a first time customer sees. I looked up 110 FRONT and then I looked up “graphic designers hellertown pa”. We weren’t the first listing to come up, so I’ve got to work on that. You might be tempted to place an ad for your business and that will definitely put you up at the top, but there are some other things you can do first.



First of all, if you haven’t already done it, claim your business. Search for your business and either click on the link that says “claim you business” or “own this business”. You will be prompted through the steps. Usually it’s as simple as having Google send a postcard to your business’ physical address.



It looks so much better when you have your logo and a few good photos. Be sure to add a phone number and/or email so customers can contact you easily. And enter your correct hours. If you have a website, enter that.



I realized that our listing had no reviews and although we don’t rely on that as much as word of mouth referrals, I thought I’d see if I could get some clients to write a review. I sent out a couple requests and two clients immediately wrote 5-star reviews that day! So, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


That’s pretty much it. You could do this now. If you run into issues, call us! We can help. 





New Web Site!

And they say “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”.

How do you find time to build a web site for yourself when you’re busy building web sites for everyone else? And maybe you’re asking yourself, how do I have time to market myself when I’m so busy? If you’re busy, that’s a great problem! They say you should promote yourself when you are busy, don’t wait until you’re slow. Make sense, but it’s challenging.

Give us a call, we’ll try to make it easier.