Two Pillows and a Stump

We have an office. It has a desk, a swivel chair, printers, etc. But Tim refuses to use it. Because he works on a laptop, he tends to work EVERYWHERE but the “office”. Sometimes he sets his laptop down on the console table in the living room and checks his email every couple … let’s be honest: every couple of minutes. It looks like this:


He replies to emails standing up. If it’s a very long email or a quick edit to a file, he’ll crouch. I always give him a hard time. Like, “Hey, do you maybe want a chair?”

Sometimes he will grab a small side table that is made out of a tree stump. Kind of cool as a table but not that comfortable.


Sometimes Tim gets involved in a job that maybe didn’t seem like it was going to get that involved and he’ll break down and grab a pillow off the sofa:


But, today was the first time that I ever saw this: