Saucon Rail Trail Map Update

Check out this web site designed by 110.

Converting old, unused railroad lines in Bethlehem PA finally became a reality a few years ago. The Saucon Rail Trail continues to expand and improve, creating a beautiful place to walk, run, bike, or cross-country ski. 110 Front Communications recently updated the map for the site. If you live in the area or come to visit, make sure to take advantage of this community gem.

110Front Designs in the New York Times – Oh yah!

On June 12th, one of our designs ran in the New York Times to promote WhiskyFest New York. Full page back cover of the business section. Pretty cool. We were on vacation when it ran and did not find out it was in until late in the day, so getting a copy was a little tough. Luckily around 9:30pm, I was able to track a few copies at the Acme in Avalon, NJ.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.13.21 AM



Two Pillows and a Stump

We have an office. It has a desk, a swivel chair, printers, etc. But Tim refuses to use it. Because he works on a laptop, he tends to work EVERYWHERE but the “office”. Sometimes he sets his laptop down on the console table in the living room and checks his email every couple … let’s be honest: every couple of minutes. It looks like this:


He replies to emails standing up. If it’s a very long email or a quick edit to a file, he’ll crouch. I always give him a hard time. Like, “Hey, do you maybe want a chair?”

Sometimes he will grab a small side table that is made out of a tree stump. Kind of cool as a table but not that comfortable.


Sometimes Tim gets involved in a job that maybe didn’t seem like it was going to get that involved and he’ll break down and grab a pillow off the sofa:


But, today was the first time that I ever saw this:


New Web Site!

And they say “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”.

How do you find time to build a web site for yourself when you’re busy building web sites for everyone else? And maybe you’re asking yourself, how do I have time to market myself when I’m so busy? If you’re busy, that’s a great problem! They say you should promote yourself when you are busy, don’t wait until you’re slow. Make sense, but it’s challenging.

Give us a call, we’ll try to make it easier.